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Lessons From a Clogged Toilet

January 13th, 2012 by kmattiuzzo
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tp.jpgThis past weekend I experienced something that no girl likes to experience. The toilet in the guest bathroom clogged. While I was not the guilty party that caused the clog, and while the only thing mysterious in nature that I saw was a toilet bowl full of clear water, just the very thought of a clogged toilet in my house drove me crazy all weekend.

Timing: There are just some times when it seems like the universe is out to get you. When, just like our toilet, which broke Saturday morning outside of normal business operating hours, bad things happen at the worst timing possible. You get the stomach flu the night before a long-anticipated youth retreat. You get a C on a test you studied really hard for. You get in a fender bender. Your best friend tells you she’s moving the same week your dog dies. Sometimes all you can do is have a little freak-out moment, pray, and then move on.

No Quick Fixes: Despite their best efforts, my dad, the heavy-duty plunger, and metal plumbing snake eventually caved to the toilet. They gave up. The toilet won. It was a knock out. One point toilet — zero points us. Sometimes in life there isn’t a quick fix for every problem. Some problems require a little plunging and then it’s over, like losing one of the earrings you borrowed from your sister and having to replace them. A few plunges and the problem of the lost earring is solved. Other problems require a lot more work and maybe even some other people, like deciding to talk to your teacher and get a tutor to prevent your math scores from continuing to slip. These kinds of problems don’t usually have a quick fix, but require a few action steps from us in the beginning before they start to get better. In our case, we needed to involve a plumber.

Lessons Learned: Fortunately, not many problems come and go without us learning something from them. In the case of the clogged toilet, I learned where the pipe is outside that accesses all of the plumbing in our house. I also learned that Draino should never be used in the toilet. Girls, take note. And when life throws us problems there’s usually a lesson just as important to learn as the Draino. Such as always go to God first, the importance of studying, being on time, or listening carefully to instructions.

When life is like a clogged toilet, give yourself a few freak-out moments, but then pray about it, come up with a plan to fix it, and graciously learn the lessons your toilet is teaching you!

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  1. Alyssa

    This is exactly what i needed! thank you so much.

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