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What to Wear #8: Summer Clothes

May 7th, 2009 by ajacobs
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whattowear.jpgApparently this year, we’ve decided to give Spring the year off. It seems like we went straight from winter to summer. It caught me a little off guard. I still have a closet full of sweaters and wool pants. I haven’t even started thinking about getting out my capris and short-sleeved tops.

Summer is a great time of year. I love sunshine and taking vacations. However, I do not love summer clothes. It seems like every year it gets harder to find modest clothes that will keep me cool (both in temperature and style). So, I’ve been doing a bit of research and here are some of the things I’ve discovered for this summerover the next couple of weeks, we’ll be taking a look at some of the summer staples. This week, we’ll tackle shorts and skirts.


When I was a teenager, our campground dress code called for “knee-length clothing.” They wouldn’t even call them shorts. So, I was always looking for cute shorts that came down to my knees (this was long before Bermuda shorts were cool). They’ve relaxed the “knee-length clothing” rule a bit, but it’s still important to look for shorts that will keep you covered up and looking cute. Here are a few cute options for modest, cute shorts.

I’m also really excited that the cutoff jeans look is back in. It’s always good to be able to give jeans that have gotten too short or stained a second shot. Those jeans are usually the most comfortable anyway. This year, they’re very relaxed, so you don’t even have to be too careful if you’re opting for the do-it-yourself option. But, if you’re not brave enough to butcher a pair of jeans, here are a few that are already done for you.

When shopping for shorts, I’m always a big fan of bringing someone along (your mom or a very trustworthy friend) who will tell you honestly if the shorts are a little on the too-short side. If in doubt, aim for shorts that aren’t much shorter than your fingertips when your arms are down at your side.


Call me old-fashioned, but it seems like skirts get a little shorter every year. I mean really, with some skirts, it just seems like you might as well just not have even bothered putting anything on at all! But, take heart. All is not lost. I’ve found some really cute skirts that keep everything covered that needs to be covered.

Skirts are a great option for every day in the summer. I’m a big fan of pairing a casual skirt with a t-shirt for bumming around town during the summer. Skirts are breezy, comfortable, and really cute. Here are some of the cutest casual skirts I found for this year.

Skirts are also a great option for getting dressed up. Especially if you, like me, aren’t exactly “normally” proportioned. A dressy skirt and top can end up fitting (and looking) better than a dress. Here are a few of my favorite dressy skirts for this summer.

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